Social and Governance Justice – the Influence and Role of Strategy and Strategists


How does one celebrate the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Let's start by realizing she was an icon for us all. Her unmistakable talent for building consensus using her intellect, skills, and voice has left a lasting imprint on our society. Whether you choose to remember her as the "Notorious RBG" or "You can spell Truth without Ruth," one thing is for sure, she was a strategist. Strategy resembles leadership. It is not a title, but a way of thinking to bring about bold action leading to transformation. With each step of her journey, she enacted change, developed those around her, and endeavored for liberty, equality, and progress. Now, what's next? As Ruth demonstrated perseverance and determination, let's do the same. Let's use our intellect. Let's use our skills. Let's use our voice. As strategists, let's bring bold action for change in our families, community, and organizations.

Original post: Association for Strategic Planning - Strategic Edge October 2020